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For years I've thought Raley's as a whole isn't too interested in the customer. Delayed help at product counters, no employees on the floor, as well as, some higher prices for certain items. Unfortunately, this has now all been eclipsed by the complete REMOVAL OF ANY CUSTOMER SERVICE AREA during a current store remodel. All Raleys, Belair and Nob Hill do is brag on television and radio about how great they are, "Good food, great prices, blah blah". Well get over yourselves, you aren't that impressive. I miss purchasing money orders, paying... Read more

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twice in 2015 I bought 2 pounds of fresh, large shrimp (16-20) per pound. Both times i was cheated because after i started cleaning them i realized the fishmonger at the Raley's store in Natomas had put in a bunch or smaller shrimp. The weight was right but i did not get the amount of 16-20. One batch was 32, the other was 28. I was too close to cooking for guests so had to proceed rather run back to the store. These are the first times I noticed the scam in 12 years shopping there, but maybe i was not looking close enough. I took pictures... Read more

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I go to your Lake Blvd. store in Redding, Ca. The people are great, but the last year your produce has been awful, I now go to Food Max which is farther away because their vegtables and fruit is better quality. The head lettuce continually is brown in the middle, the avacados's half the time are too soft, bought two pomegranites one good and one bad. It is not a one time happening it is happening every week. This week I bought sour meat, said it was good for another two days on the package but was bad when I opened. Something has changed... Read more

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Even though I have never ever bounced a check and shop at Raley's / Bel Air weekly to the tune of $350 per week for 20 plus years, because I got in the habit of just using my debit card, the one time I left home without it and so thought I could just write a check, I was denied. I used my credit card but the point was that the "800" number for their check guarantee service that I was given was closed on Sunday so I could not resolve it. Now it is Monday. I have called and my wait for a person is going on 33 minutes so far... Obviously... Read more

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We really enjoy our local Raleys supermarket Manager, and all of her staff. All departments are Extremely Helpful and friendly, Especially the people assisting with carts. The layout of the store makes it easy for my wife to navigate, as she is handicapped and has to use one of their provided scooters. The Raleys aisles have a break in the middle and good aisle space. Raleys is in sharp contrast to our Safeway store. We will never shop at Safeway even though it is closer to us. The Safeway staff is Not At All Friendly. Safeways store... Read more

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10 items and less not open, so many customers. Terible service Add comment

Blocked main exits to put up paper advertising signs which could be done any time without impacting customers. Customer after customer had to use second exit. Asked for help with cart and bagger said. NO. DO IT YOURSELF. Manager walked away like an ***. Spent $7,000 in this store this year and $40,000 total. Will drive 40 miles to safeway now. Never get a penny from me ever again. Add comment

I have been a good customer of Raleys for 30 years and shop primarily at your Vallejo location. I have purchased phenobarbitrol at your Vallejo store for over a year at $51.49 for a 40 day supply, on prescription # 4248112 for my rescued dog who has severe seizures. My veterinarian is Bayside Vet. Last month I was told that the price had doubled to $103 prescription # 4248782. How could this be? Your pharmacy manager, Lisa informed me that she would have someone call the corporate office to check on the price and I would receive a call back... Read more

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Raileys has the most rudest cashier her name is summer! Never would I go in her line again . No thank you just rolling her eyes! Where do you screen these people. Richmond store. Add comment

Went to my local Raley's at 12:37 p.m. to buy a piece of fried chicken and there were 2 legs that had been sitting there who knows how long. That was it. Upon inquiry, I was told by the one person working the deli area that it would be 15 minutes. Went home. Came back 20 minutes later and was told it would be another 5 minutes or so. 25 minutes later, I got the 2 fried chicken *** I was after. She said she was training someone new and she didn't come in until 12 noon. Very poor management, to leave this undone in the middle of lunch hour.... Read more

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