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I am a demonstrator. I extoll the virtues of foods or merchandise in a retail setting.

You probably have seen these "guests" in retail establishments. But when you're hired to be a customer service representative distributing food or drink, you have a code to live by. My code: treat others as you would treat yourself. But when someone takes something the wrong way, you're screwed.

On my first foray into the Redding, CA Raley's on May 26th, 2012, I was all smiles and courteous -- especially to the managers at the store level. I was pressed for time and had inadvertantly handled a couple of items with my food gloves on. After being told about it, I was apologetic and courteous and affable but the person I talked to took that as an OFFENSE and not handling the advice well. Which is a bunch of BS.

I got barred from performing at that store because of someone's "impression" that I didn't handle my taking their direction well. The second Raley's in Chico is a different matter entirely. On June 3rd a grandmother came to my station, asking for samples. I would've gladly given them to her but I said "this isn't a free food station" (and according to my Sales Letter it stresses that fact) but she never allowed me to continue my spiel by adding "...

but I would gladly give you the items, which I wouldn't normally do." I have stated these things to customers before earlier that day and in other places. But this one person decided to complain to the store manager, Andy, and we had an awkward conversation. I was a bit perplexed and tried to tell him the situation but he kept interrupting me (while he was smiling) and told me to give as many samples out as possible (which I did and do!). I got a call from my own supervisor about these incidents and now I'm barred from the Chico Raley's.

Which, I guess was deserved but you're not going to please everyone with a smile and an positive attitude every time.

I find that not being allowed back in the Redding Raley's at 110 Hartnell Avenue is undeserved and I insist on anyone reading this to send an email at (Contact Us section) to decry their decision because of two things: 1) This was my first employment as an official demonstrator for Crossmark (New Concepts in Marketing recently merged and there is still a transition period) and mistakes WILL happen. 2) The incident was minor at best and not a "barring" situation since I also keep spare food gloves on me and I am a stickler for food safety and compliance.

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Pittsburg, California, United States #942068

I blew it, u never tell a customer it's not a free food station, u smile give another sample and look busy and for another customer!

to Anonymous #943223

We live and learn, my friend...

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