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In the store you have stopped offering products that used to be offered. The store is totally disorganized and you have most of the space occupied with liquor.

Are you a liquor store or a grocery store. Your service station for fuel is the most disorganized place I have ever seen. Half the time the pay station will deny my debit card and that causes a hold to be put on my card. Always problems with the pay station.

Half the time there is there are no paper towels for the windshields and no paper for receipts. Is the upper management ever paying attention to what goes on their property Can't afford to pay someone to maintain the filling station? If you people don't want to stay in business, that's fine with me, as I am done shopping at Raley's and going to spread the word just how bad your place of business is. Right after Mrs.

Raley left the business, I wrote a letter to the new CEO who didn't bother to respond. Bad way to run a business. Make some changes soon..

David G. Rust

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