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Just came from my local Raleys store, extremely dissatisfied with service. There was no register opened, only self check-outs.

My mom is handicap and I was trying to scan a full cart and bag. The machine kept stopping saying I removed an item. It took me over 20 minute so check myself out, while my Mom had to stand and wait. I finally had to have the Deli service find the manager-who was no where to be found.

I did not come to Raleys to bag my own groceries! I expected the service that is reflected in the higher prices. The manger made here way over to give me the customer service memorized line they teach all people that can't relate and problem solve " I'm sorry, I understand. If she truly understood service they would have one register open so customers are not forced through a self check-out.

I was really mad because there was a lady with a neck brace on going to be forced to self-check also. The young girl standing at self check was busy talking to other workers and wiping machine, she did not gave the maturity or knowledge to come over and ask if she could help. The *** machine kept freezing and she would reset it from her stand. Never once did she think to come and offer help.

She could see I had a lot of groceries! Rally's you suck and your Manteca, Ca store is lazy and unable to be professional in a human response.

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You lazy person, do you think you are some sort of queen or something? Oh the shock you had to pull a muscle and bag your own groceries.

It is not you that is handicapped then perhaps you are mentally handicapped since even a child of eight can work one of those self checkout machines with no issues. If there were only one register open you would complain about that as well.

Then to call someone old enough to work a girl rather than a woman when you cannot even use the self outs without assistances, something even a eight year old can do makes you what a baby since the employee is a girl? You call her lazy when you felt too lazy to bag your own groceries, you hypocrite.

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